Planning your new semester

This is a perfect opportunity to start talking about registering for classes and making sure you have the RIGHT classes to take and make sure that they are in the right area of campus. My first semester I made a no no and I quickly learned.

Tip number one:

Have the map of the campus downloaded and ready to go so when you look at where your classes are you can make sure that the next class is either A) in the same building or B) same part of campus.


Tip number two:

Now that you have the map downloaded now you can start planning out your week. It’s pretty self explanatory from here. I like to have an excel sheet open or your day planner out. I honestly use my school email calendar to plan out my life. I work on campus so my boss has to see my schedule so we can schedule work meetings as such… Anyways… Use whatever you like from here!!!!

Now that I gave you the two most important tips I could possibly give you now it’s your turn!!! Good luck!!! Have fun and don’t stress out to much!!!




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