End of the semester

Well there you have it folks the end of the semester is coming and finals are starting to creep out on us and the libraries are packed and students are cranky along with the teachers.

However, I am currently escaping all of that because my little sister is getting married this week! Right before the last week of class!!! I’m kind of flustered but I have kept pretty organized and set on my schedule that I think I might make it work out!

I am down here in Salt Lake City, Utah escaping a cold Rexburg, Idaho to be with my family for this wonderful event!!! It’s been a while since I have posted anything on here but I am so excited to get started with the new semester and I have so many unboxing videos planned on my youtube channel along with some DIY’s for here!!! I can already tell that next semester is going to be crazy busy with 15 credits in store for me and a crazy work schedule, which luckily I work on campus so it’s not that hard to ditch out on if life get’s to crazy.

I just wanted to post a little something before I forget again and I can’t wait to announce my big news on my youtube channel!! I just purchased something that I think will help out my crazy next couple of months and the next year! I think you all might know what it is but hopefully I will become an expert at it and I will be able to teach you guys how to use it its well!!

Anyways that’s pretty much all what I have to say about this week and my craziness!!! Do you guys like my new header? What do you think? Comment below and let me know!!!




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