Get professional Photos on your iPhone!!

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Lately I have been playing with photoshop and my iPhone and I have come to the conclusion, “Who needs a $800.00 camera when I have my trusty iPhone?”  So, I have put together a tutorial on how to take a cute/fun professional photos just for you!!!


Upload your picture to photoshop, then what I did was I went to my left side bar and I started playing around with the brightness/Contrast of the image which I have displayed down below.

Second Step: After I am satisfied with the way my picture looks I then move on to the next layer which is the levels of the picture can move the brightness, contrast, and tonal rage all of the above. This is one of my favorite tools to use.

Third step: Selective Color; I only use a little bit of this just to change the color of my scarf other then that I hardly ever touch this tool.

And well that’s pretty much it. I then go back and rearrange the picture if I need to change the brightness again but it’s usually just a tiny bit of a change!!

Here is a before and after shot of what my image looks like:


Comment below and let me know what you think of this article and if this has helped you in anyway!!! I love to read comments from my readers!





End of the semester

Well there you have it folks the end of the semester is coming and finals are starting to creep out on us and the libraries are packed and students are cranky along with the teachers.

However, I am currently escaping all of that because my little sister is getting married this week! Right before the last week of class!!! I’m kind of flustered but I have kept pretty organized and set on my schedule that I think I might make it work out!

I am down here in Salt Lake City, Utah escaping a cold Rexburg, Idaho to be with my family for this wonderful event!!! It’s been a while since I have posted anything on here but I am so excited to get started with the new semester and I have so many unboxing videos planned on my youtube channel along with some DIY’s for here!!! I can already tell that next semester is going to be crazy busy with 15 credits in store for me and a crazy work schedule, which luckily I work on campus so it’s not that hard to ditch out on if life get’s to crazy.

I just wanted to post a little something before I forget again and I can’t wait to announce my big news on my youtube channel!! I just purchased something that I think will help out my crazy next couple of months and the next year! I think you all might know what it is but hopefully I will become an expert at it and I will be able to teach you guys how to use it its well!!

Anyways that’s pretty much all what I have to say about this week and my craziness!!! Do you guys like my new header? What do you think? Comment below and let me know!!!



Planning your new semester

This is a perfect opportunity to start talking about registering for classes and making sure you have the RIGHT classes to take and make sure that they are in the right area of campus. My first semester I made a no no and I quickly learned.

Tip number one:

Have the map of the campus downloaded and ready to go so when you look at where your classes are you can make sure that the next class is either A) in the same building or B) same part of campus.


Tip number two:

Now that you have the map downloaded now you can start planning out your week. It’s pretty self explanatory from here. I like to have an excel sheet open or your day planner out. I honestly use my school email calendar to plan out my life. I work on campus so my boss has to see my schedule so we can schedule work meetings as such… Anyways… Use whatever you like from here!!!!

Now that I gave you the two most important tips I could possibly give you now it’s your turn!!! Good luck!!! Have fun and don’t stress out to much!!!