And the site was born


Welcome to my first post! I am excited to launch this new site!!! My name is Mckenzie Cooper and I am the owner of this site. My dream for this site is to inspire other college girls to finish their degree and to do it with style. College can be tough but you are not in this alone.

I have been to 3 colleges and I have switched my major twice. I have attended a community college, 2 universities and a Business College where I finally found my passion in life. Which is, Digital Marketing. I got my degree at LDS Business College with an associates in Social Media Marketing I am currently going to BYU-Idaho and I am studying Communications- Advertising. You may have already guessed it but yes I am a Mormon. My goal in life is to help inspire others, give encouragement and to dream big. Life is hard but we are in this together while we conquer those university hallways and set out to the real world!!!

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have creating it. It is still under construction as it was just born. I am however creating new content daily and I can’t wait to share it with you!!!