Great Photos right from your iPhone

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Lately I have been playing with photoshop and my iPhone and I have come to the conclusion, “Who needs a $800.00 camera when I have my trusty iPhone?”  So, I have put together a tutorial on how to take a cute/fun professional photos just for you!!!


Upload your picture to photoshop, then what I did was I went to my left side bar and I started playing around with the brightness/Contrast of the image which I have displayed down below.

Second Step: After I am satisfied with the way my picture looks I then move on to the next layer which is the levels of the picture can move the brightness, contrast, and tonal rage all of the above. This is one of my favorite tools to use.

Third step: Selective Color; I only use a little bit of this just to change the color of my scarf other then that I hardly ever touch this tool.

And well that’s pretty much it. I then go back and rearrange the picture if I need to change the brightness again but it’s usually just a tiny bit of a change!!

Here is a before and after shot of what my image looks like:


Comment below and let me know what you think of this article and if this has helped you in anyway!!! I love to read comments from my readers!